Quality Iron Designs was started about 20 years ago. At the time its purpose was to supply gates to our masonry company for their track home construction work. Since that time, we have grown and added many other companies and contractors to our service list and developed other product lines to help serve the needs of our customers. Now, not only do we fill our own needs, but we also service many other masonry, landscape and general contractors, home builders, nurseries, steel wholesalers and homeowners.

Quality Iron Designs is a subsidiary of Quality Block Company and the sister to Top Quality Masonry Company;all of which are family owned and operated. Clem Hellmann is the President and has owned these companies since 1987. With a major focus on customer service and support, Mr. Hellmann has grown the businesses into a very well known and respected member of the Phoenix community. "Our focus is more on what we can do to make customers want to do long term business with us," Hellmann stated. This focus shows in every item that we fabricate in our shop, with quality materials, processes and finishes that are among the best in the industry.


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